Aloe Vera

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Packing: 1 plant
Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

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EU-shipping included!

Packing: 1 plant
Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

With its fleshy, spiny leaves that grow out of the ground, aloe vera resembles cacti or agaves, but it belongs to the grass family (Xanthorrhoeaceae). Its original home is probably the Arabian Peninsula, from where it was spread to all tropical to subtropical regions because of its early recognized healing properties.

In nature, the succulent Aloe vera reaches about 60 centimeters in height and width.

ORIGIN: Mediterranean Seaside Finca Garden close to San Miguel de Salinas, Costa Blanca – Spain. Each one of our plants are locally sourced and hand picked from private gardens.

LOCATION: Due to its sensitivity to frost, it is cultivated as a houseplant or winter garden plant in colder areas.

TREATMENT: It is best to plant them in a pot with cactus soil, make sure they drain well, and place them outdoors in a full sun spot during the warm months.

PROFILE: Aloe vera has been used since ancient times as a medicinal plant for skin diseases. The juice and gel contain multiple sugars, glycoproteins, amino acids, minerals and salicylic acid, which in their interaction accelerate wound healing. For wound care of cuts, minor burns or sunburn, you can use a fresh aloe leaf.

To do this, cut the leaf into two or three pieces and let the juice drip directly onto the wound or squeeze the leaf over it. Aloe vera juice has a cooling and moisturizing effect and thus promotes the healing process. Healing ointments with aloe vera extract from the pharmacy serve the same purpose.


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