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HOW can I get NOPALES token?
In the near future we announce here, where you can get NOPALES token.

Official Website:
NOPALES.IO – EI meets AI. Since 2022.
The One & Only. Original.

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The future is GREEN. WE know it. YOU know it. And together we are strong enough to heal our planet. If you are a pioneer with a strong heart and vision for our planet. If you want to be part of our NOPALES Family. If you want to build with us together, our own Elysium. This is your confirmation. You are here on the right path.

Investor’s Plan – NOPALES Token (NOPE)

The NOPALES Token (BSC Token)
Symbol: NOPE
Total supply: 639,000,000,000 NOPE
Token Issue Date: 2022-11-01 02:03:21 pm
Decimals: 18
Contract address: 0x501261CC3571962E21BD5E445cE2e9B58e334EA1
Verified Ownership: YES
Blockchain: BSCSCAN
Whitepaper: YES
Staking Contract: YES
Crypto Exchanges Listing for Token trading: 2023

All you need to do is to connect your MetaMask Wallet with the BSC MainNet. Copy and paste your related MAIN ETH Wallet into the field beyond.

Nopales Token on Binance Blockchain. Official Listing will be announced.

Dear Earth Angels & Warriors: Apply now for your first 1 Million NOPE Coins.  

ATTENTION: If you attempt to send assets directly from one network to another, this may result in permanent asset loss. Make sure to use the BSC bridge. Your tokens may not automatically show up in your wallet.

GOOD TO KNOW: You need a Web3 Crypto Wallet to be able to receive your NOPALES. It must be Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Main net compatible. MetaMask is ideal, but also others, as Coinbase or TRUST should work. Very soon we provide you here a step-by-step guidance, to avoid any loss, caused by providing us with a non-compatible wallet.

For more information about how to activate Binance Smart Chain on MetaMask please visit the official Binance academy:
Learn HERE, how to set up BSC in MetaMask

How to setup a NOPALES (NOPE) wallet @ MetaMask?

This short video explains in less than 1 minute, how you can activate your NOPALES (NOPE) wallet on MetaMask in an instant.

In case you have already a MetaMask wallet, connected to BSC Mainnet @ MetaMask, all you need to do is to follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Activate Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on MetaMask and switch into the BSC Mask & Import token
  2. Add manually the NOPALES (NOPE) BSC contract address: 0x501261CC3571962E21BD5E445cE2e9B58e334EA1
  3. Copy the main wallet address (Shown on center top of your app) and place it whilst the order process into the field: Order information while instant checkout process. Done.

Please make sure to install the original MetaMask app from your AppStore.

Official websites:

We transfer the ordered amount of coins in the next step manually into your wallet. Please be patient and give us up to 48 hours time. You can ask for the order status at any time via email (team (at)

Thank you for joining us!

Official Website:
NOPALES.IO – EI meets AI. Since 2022. The One & Only. Original. All rights reserved.


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